SFWS Student honored by City of Santa Fe for Zozobra mural!

This past Tuesday, we celebrated the unveiling of the new Zozobra mural at Ft. Marcy Ballpark, 设计ed and painted by SFWS sophomore Kaieva Carpenter. The mural project was initiated by Kate Pavuk, SFWS PG电子试玩平台 and Development Coordinator, 他的想法是为圣达菲市提供一幅壁画,以迎接明年学校的40岁生日.

Student Perspective: International Study Program, France

Rising senior Nicolas Chastenet de Gery attended the École Perceval de Chatou, a Waldorf school outside of Paris, 2022年1月. Nico says “My French really did get better, and I learned to read and write instead of just speak the language, which was kind of new to me. 在我以前所知道的世界之外,创造我自己的法语世界也是很棒的. The host family was so great. They took me to a lot of places, including skiing in the Alps and backcountry, 博物馆, scootering around Paris, 一个花哨的, super architectural restaurant, 歌剧, 甚至是欧洲迪士尼.”

Student Perspective: International Study in Africa

SFWS上升的大三学生Philomena (Mena) Nxai romannelli - zunkel去年和她的家人一起去了非洲. “We stayed in the historic village of Stanford, South Africa, Western Cape. We were based there for seven months, and during that time we also traveled to Botswana, Namibia and Victoria Falls in Zambia. I attended a school called Generation School in Hermanus. Unfortunately there was no Waldorf school in the area where we stayed.” Mena is a rising junior and joined the 圣达菲华尔道夫 School in ninth grade.

8th Grade Marionette Plays: The Golden Goose and Robin Hood (2022)

After two years of diligent work, 八年级的学生在两场表演中展示了他们手工雕刻的木偶:《PG电子手机版APP下载》和《PG电子官网》, narrated by Danelle Aragon. The marionette project, 多年前由手工老师Danelle Aragon和木工老师Fletcher Lathrop创作, was chosen because it incorporates so many skills: observation, 设计, 雕刻, 绘画, 缝纫, 讲故事, 编剧才能, and collaboration. Enjoy a video of each performance…

校友: Arizona (Zoe) Muse, Grade 10, 2005

Now I've come full circle and am really grateful that I went to a Waldorf school. 我的环保行动主义让我读到了很多PG电子官网再生经济学的东西, 社会变革, community organization, 这些都是真的, really intense topics to learn about. 我觉得华德福的教育让我的大脑能够吸收全新的概念, 这, I'm really grateful for. 我很容易对一些完全不同于我以前学到的东西感到兴奋.

Read the latest issue of our 社区 Magazine!

阅读我们的2021年冬季期刊,了解我们的高中教师埃利奥特·瑞安和克里斯·夏雷塔, dive deeper into our Wilderness 教育 and 儿童早期 programs, 阅读SFWS校友Arizona Muse和Bevin McPartlon以及当前SFWS学生的成就, 还有更多!

SFWS Student Council donates $900 to 食物仓库

The SFWS 高中 Student Council handed a $900 check to 食物仓库 今天! PG电子试玩平台也是2021年11月食品仓库年度感恩节食品募捐活动的一部分,并收集了几大箱不易腐烂的食物. 参与社区活动,与当地组织(如the Food Depot)建立联系, is an integral part of Waldorf education, 因为这有助于拓宽学生的视野,培养他们对他人的关怀和同理心. We are proud of our students for choosing to give this holiday season!

An outside perspective of the 圣达菲华尔道夫 School

With a deep interest in education, 人类发展, 和精神, 教育家Andrea和Camden Laubstein已经开始了一次全国公路旅行,探索各种类型的学校和项目,这些学校和项目致力于一种承认整个孩子的教学方法. 他们参观了PG电子试玩平台,并指出“灵感无处不在……它激发了好奇心和创造力。...Simply stated, the school felt like a place you would want to spend time and be.”

SFWS Track and Field 2021 Highlights

狼队本赛季在圣菲高中的金钉子比赛中取得了成功,许多运动员都进入了前六名. The momentum carried into the District 7A Meet at Jemez Valley on Friday, June 11. 所有参加比赛的11名运动员都取得了州冠军资格,两支队伍都获得了第二名! 狼队的11名队员有机会参加1A级州田径锦标赛,他们的表现令人印象深刻.

Class of 2021 Senior Projects

今年, 我们有机会见证我们的毕业生在他们的学术和个人发展中取得里程碑式的成就,因为他们在他们的高级项目中展示了他们的工作. 整体, 以高级项目为代表的工作,耗费了无数小时的时间和精力. 今年 we learn about Glass Blowing, 草药医术学, High Altitude Baloons, 学院烹饪, Photographing the Moon and…

SFWS teachers bring more diversity into the classroom

我们明白,任何一个真正的华德福学校都必须是一个社会正义及其多样性的关键组成部分的地方, 股本, and Inclusion (DEI) — is actively articulated in every aspect of the school. It is not enough to teach students to be thoughtful, compassionate citizens. 我们还必须每天向他们展示多样性、公平和包容的具体例子. Here are some examples of the changes happening throughout the school: